Aussie Wine Makers Target America’s Premium Market


An increasing number of premium wine makers in Australia are now targeting the U.S. market with greater intensity and higher success rate, says Wine Australia, the government’s marketing body. 
Apparently, Wine Australia’s assessment was roughly based on a recent survey conducted by a North America-based importer of Australian wine. According to the findings of the survey, while overall volumes were undergoing a decline, three quarters of importers of Aussie wine witnessed significant rise in the sales of premium products. Those who did not see any increase in demand, at least maintained the status quo of the previous months. 
"It’s a fascinating shift," commented Anglea Slade, American representative of Wine Australia, as reported by the ABC Australia.
"What we're seeing is a rise in value, and we're really seeing that in wines in the premium price-point, wines that hit the shelf at about $15 to $19.99," Slade added. 
She, however, observed that sales volume had come down by nearly 15 per cent owing to a remarkable growth in America’s domestic wine industry’s production capabilities.
"We export 161 million liters from Australia and the value in the market is $432 million."

Slade also mentioned that the wine industry in Australia must continue their efforts to increase the sales of high-end products so as to shed their image as cheap plonk producers. 
"There was a real excitement in the late 90s - early 2000s for value wines... Australia certainly led the way and yes, did get very quickly known for providing fantastic value at a very affordable price point.”
"Once we hit the recession years, we found ourselves struggling."
The United States dethroned France last year as the world’s biggest wine consumer. But the country’s domestic wine industry can contribute only 68 per cent of the total demand. That certainly makes America one of the most lucrative market for wine exporters in Europe, Asia, and Australia. 
In fact, if the data available in the public domain are to be taken into account, nearly 25 per cent all wine imported to the United States come from Australia alone.  

Slade further notes: "We're very strongly positioned, it's a matter of building up our premium messaging, our story of regional diversity and the delicious wines we offer."

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